About Us

As a company, we believe in people power. We feel that employees are the most valuable asset of any company and they need to be selected, maintained and retained by employing best available resources in any organization.

With business ethics as our core foundation, our employees follow a set of rules which are : tolerance, equity, commitment, solidarity & expertise.

It requires good infrastructure, professionalism, a well-integrated system and world-class technology to partner with companies and candidates. Which is why we are committed towards regularly investing in and upgrading our resources.

Our team of professional staff are dedicated towards servicing our valuable clients and candidates, and helping them meet each other’s requirements and goals - short-term and long-term.

So at MAZE OVERSEAS RECRUITMENT, welcome to the world of personalized attention, committed service & high quality treatment. We use the latest search & recruitment technology & deploy the best of our staff to service your requirements.

Quality Policy of MAZE is unique and ensures Quality Assurance.

Quality assurance is very important for the service industry in order to render services to the satisfaction of the clients. In the highly competitive market, MAZE sticks to its policy of providing quality manpower to surpass the needs and expectations of its valued clients.

There is no compromise on the eligibility of the candidate for the requisite position. We believe in building up a team of quality people who will prove their worthiness to be an asset to our clients which will ultimately ensure the benefits of all concerned i.e. the clients, candidates and us. Being in the service industry, our reputation and business mainly depend on adherence to these self formulated quality policies.

Success of any business lies on REPEAT ORDERS from the valuable customers. MAZE never believes in one-time assignments or association.

MAZE believes in maintaining its second to none services to its clients and candidates at all times.

People trust us with their livelihoods. That’s a pretty serious responsibility.

When you meet people for the first time one of the first questions you asked is “ what do you do?” We may not define ourselves by what we do, but others do. You may work to live , not live to work, but few can argue that our jobs shape our lives in many ways. We know that for our candidates choosing a career is one of the most important things they want, therefore we have our expert technical team who help them select the right job for the right fit.

If getting recruitment right is such an imperative to all of us on a personal level, it must also be imperative to be able to trust your recruitment partner. Ethics to us isn’t just a good sentiment, its good business.

Our client’s interests always come first, always and every time. We believe that if we serve our client’s well, our own success will steadily and surely follow.

We will always strive to find you the best shortlist on the market, not just enough CVs to keep you happy. We will always give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, not just a sales pitch. Your details are safe with us. We need all the information we can get to help us find the right candidate, and we understand the importance of confidentiality. We look forward to a long & trusting relationship.

We believe our benefits are the direct results of our passion for delivering quality training and superior service, and our sincere interest in the success of our clients. We are uniquely insightful, totally flexible and completely committed to our ideals.

We are all about making your life easier and here’s how:

We help organizations build solid, consistent, ethical leadership and a culture that engages employees and brings out the best in each of them.

We are specialists in our chosen fields, and we know what we are talking about. That means we understand your requirements and send you candidates who can actually do what you’ve asked for (within reason).

We screen every CV we send to you so we understand what their skills are, but also their motivations & personal situation. Finding the right person for you is more than just joining a few dots. You need to be as right for them as they are for you.